• System Design
  • Requirements Generation and Management
  • Recruitment and Team Organisation
  • Project Infrastructure (trackers, wiki, comms etc.)
  • Project planning and costing
  • Supplier liaison and coordination

Technical Director

I was presented with an opportunity to join a start-up to develop a new display monitor system for use in the High Definition sector of the broadcast industry.

Although the job title was Technical Director, the role actually encompassed all the recruitment, project management and system design. I pulled together a team consisting of a mechanical design company, electronic hardware engineer, PC-based software development engineer, and a Xilinx VHDL specialist to implement the system.

With this team in place, it was then possible to create a full, underpinned project plan with a supporting work breakdown structure. Using this structure, I then created a full estimate of the project development costs required to get the system to the point where it met the specified marketing requirements.

We got as far as having a pretty detailed block diagram for the FPGA, mechanical and PCB infrastructure.

At this point, information became available to me regarding the company and the nature of the person who had established it, which meant that I could not continue in this role for both professional and personal reasons.