NXP Semiconductors

  • Validation representative on Project Core Team
  • Technical Team Leadership
  • System Design (Validation and Production Test Platforms)
  • Validation and Verification Strategy and Planning
  • Requirements Generation and Documentation
  • Management of Software, Hardware and FPGA Development
  • Production Test system deployment (Taiwan)

VLSOIC Validation Team Leader

For my first role in the consulting field I was contracted into Philips (NXP) at very short notice to take over the running of an existing System On Chip (SOC) Validation Team. Even though I started three days after the interview, there was only a one-day handover period with the original Team Leader.

The team was preparing for the validation of two new variants of an existing SOC used in the high-end large panel LCD TV market. The team consisted of a very experienced Technical Lead and five other engineers from several groups. I took over the planning of the preparation and implementation of the validation activity.

As the leader of the Validation Team, I also joined the Core Team which managed the overall project and reported directly to the Project Manager. The Project Manager and I had rapidly established a strong rapport, which led to me taking on more and more support tasks to assist with his excessive workload. I deputised for him on some occasions and also supported a visit to the customer site in Belgium.

In addition I also picked up another complete sub-section of the project, which involved managing a separate team implementing another production test system.

The first variant of the SOC device was validated ahead of schedule, resulting in the confirmation of a design win and a congratulatory e-mail to all team members from the CEO of Philips Semiconductors.

The validation of the second variant had to be halted due to factors beyond the control of the team and, for a period, I worked almost exclusively supporting the Project Core Team interacting at quite senior levels.

The final task was to reassemble some sections of the original Validation Team with some new additions and prepare for a very urgent validation of a third variant of the same device. This validation activity was on the critical path of a TV production project.